170 aerogeneradores instalados: año récord para EFG Escandinavia

Los profesionales de grúas y elevación pesada de EMS-Fehn-Group de EFG Scandinavia AS miran hacia atrás en un 2022 récord. Durante los últimos doce meses, la empresa con sede en Noruega instaló un total de 170 turbinas eólicas en varios sitios de proyectos en Suecia, Noruega , Finlandia y Lituania. Esto es más que nunca antes en la historia de la compañía. „2022 ha sido un año muy bueno para todo el Grupo EMS-Fehn“, dice el CEO del grupo, Manfred Müller. „Nuestros colegas en EFG Escandinavia han contribuido sustancialmente al éxito general con su logro.“

Establecida en 2017 y con sede en Bergen, EFG Escandinavia ofrece servicios de grúas y cargas pesadas a medida para clientes industriales. Entre otras cosas, la empresa se centra en apoyar a la creciente industria eólica en Escandinavia con soluciones de grúas personalizadas. Hasta ahora, EFG Scandinavia ha instalado un total de casi 500 aerogeneradores en los distintos sitios del proyecto. El parque eólico más grande de Europa en el área de Markbygden en Suecia se encuentra entre ellos. La capacidad de las grúas desplegadas por EFG Scandinavia oscila entre 50 y 1350 toneladas.

„I am tremendously proud of my multi-national team,“ says EFG Scandinavia’s Managing Director TomRoar Solhaug. Roughly 140 riggers and crane operators from 16 different countries contributed to installing the 170 wind turbines in 2022. Working all year round and in multi shifts, they often had to cope with rough weather and challenging geographical conditions. Most of the project sites are remote and located close to or even north of the Arctic circle. „The more important are very high standards of quality and safety to us ,“ says Solhaug. He points out that in the five years of the company’s existence, no major incident has occurred. „We are determined and working hard to keep it that way,“ says Solhaug.

As member of German EMS-Fehn-Group, EFG Scandinavia has lots of resources to draw from. The group consists of 18 companies all across Europe and provides a wide range of worldwide logistics solutions. It operates its own port terminals and has its own fleets of seagoing vessels and special transport trucks. A number of these trucks are permanently stationed up north to support EFG Scandinavia. German sister company EFG Heavy Haulage is in charge of transporting cranes to the wind farms and of relocating them within the project areas. „Having our own equipment distinguishes us from competitors and is key to EMS-Fehn-Group’s success,“ says CEO Manfred Müller. „It adds to our flexibility and reliability – something which our customers benefit from a lot.“

EFG Scandinavia’s outlook for 2023 is positive. The engineers in the office in Bergen are currently preparing the next wind energy projects. „I am convinced that we will continue our path of growth in the upcoming year,“ says Managing Director Tom-Roar Solhaug. „We are very pleased to be able to support the shift to green energy.