Valence suscribe protocolo con Siemens para desarrollar baterías compatibles con los sistemas híbridos de Siemens

El protocolo tiene como fin de desarrollar sistemas de almacenamiento de energía escalables y modulares compatibles con la interfaz estándar de Siemens, ELFA® Hybrid drive, para los sistemas de propulsión marítima.

La gama ELFA® Hybrid drive se utiliza ya en autobuses, barcos y grúas con más de 8 millones de horas registradas en sistemas utilizados por importantes fabricantes de autobuses y fabricantes de barcos.

Valence Signs MOU with Siemens to Develop Batteries Compatible with Siemens’ Marine Hybrid Propulsion Systems

AUSTIN, Texas — Valence Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: VLNC), a leading U.S.-based manufacturer and supplier of lithium iron magnesium phosphate energy storage solutions, announced it has signed a memorandum of understanding with Siemens Drive Technologies Division, the world’s leading supplier of products and services for production machinery and machine tools, to develop modular and scalable energy storage systems compatible with a standard interface of Siemens’ ELFA(R) Hybrid drive marine propulsion system.

The ELFA(R) Hybrid drive range is already in use in buses, cranes and boats with over 8 million hours recorded on systems from leading bus manufacturers as well as selected boat manufacturers.

Robert L. Kanode, CEO and President, Valence Technology, said, "Valence energy storage solutions have been in operation with Siemens hybrid drive trains for over three years in Wrightbus buses, who have multiple hybrid double deck buses operating in London. I was delighted when we were approached to formalize an agreement to develop battery solutions compatible with Siemens hybrid systems for marine applications. Siemens is a world class brand and this agreement is a testament to Valence’s capabilities. It further reinforces our position as a leading global supplier of energy storage solutions."

As industry follows the global trend toward greener propulsion systems with significant reduction of CO2 and noise, Siemens intends to strengthen the development of its ELFA(R) Hybrid drive range. The company understands the increased market requirements for efficiency, maneuverability control and innovations in propulsion systems not only in the bus market but also in the pleasure and workboat market.

As an appropriate battery system becomes a necessity for a true hybrid propulsion system and boatyards are increasingly demanding drive solutions for zero emission propulsion modes, it is important to have a leading energy storage manufacturer such as Valence link up their batteries to the Siemens hybrid drive system via a standard interface.

Lithium Iron Magnesium Phosphate (LiFeMgPO4) Battery Modules

Valence has enjoyed enormous success with our
U-Charge® range of energy storage solutions.

But we are not resting on our laurels. We want to improve and we have listened to our customers and their needs. As well as the existing benefits and advantages of the previous version, the new improved U-Charge has additional features:

* Improved internal cell balancing
* Automotive type connectors
* Enhanced SOC algorithm
* Case redesign enables stacking of units on UEV model
* Backwards compatibility
* Module electronics and cabling are now serviceable items
* BMS is user configurable

Providing Greater Performance, Safety and Reliability

The energy storage solutions market is undergoing a fundamental shift away from chemistries such as lead acid and nickel metal hydride towards lithium-ion ("lithium-ion" is a battery category that includes "lithium iron magnesium phosphate"). Valence’s lithium iron magnesium phosphate solutions have been at the forefront of this shift and the U-Charge® Power System Family has been commercially addressing this market since 2006.

Providing the power of lithium, the unsurpassed safety of phosphate, and the optimized energy storage of intelligent packs, Valence’s U-Charge® Power System family of products has now been installed in more than one hundred applications since it was launched in 2006, offering proven performance. U-Charge® family has now found its way into an array of electric vehicle applications such as cars, trucks, vans, buses, scooters and boats. It has also been providing solutions in telecoms back-up and UPS applications.

Offering excellent cycle life of 3-4 times that of lithium cobalt U-Charge® battery modules are 33% lighter than their lead acid equivalent batteries. U-Charge® also offers twice the run-time of lead acid with deep depth of discharge cycling.

The U-Charge® family of battery modules offers a scalable modular approach, offering up to 700 volts or up to 1,000 Ah in custom solutions. The modules are packaged in standard lead acid BCI format sizes suited for a variety of motive applications. The power system also has a longer shelf life and a faster recharge time than lead-acid without the problem of leaks. Read more about lithium iron magnesium phosphate Vs Lead Acid

The U-Charge® product range includes both the RT series of modules used for lower voltage, lower power applications, and the XP series of modules for higher voltage, higher power and higher capacity applications. The XP series combines with a flexible Battery Management System (BMS) to provide many system integration options.

Superior Performance Over Lead Acid Batteries:

* 33% lighter with twice the run-time
* Longer shelf life and faster recharge time
* Smart battery monitoring and internal cell balancing
* No sudden death
* State of health monitoring
* No acid leaks

Lower Overall Cost Of Ownership

* Intrinsic phosphate safety that protects against abusive situations.
* Environmentally friendly, no heavy metals and minimal disposal issues.
* High energy efficiency with no memory effect.
* Lower lifetime costs due to low maintenance and high cycle life.

About Valence Technology, Inc.

Valence Technology is an international leader in the development of lithium phosphate energy storage solutions. The company has redefined lithium battery technology and performance by marketing the industry’s first safe, reliable and rechargeable lithium iron magnesium phosphate battery. Celebrating 20 years in business, Valence today offers a proven technology and manufacturing infrastructure that delivers ISO-certified products and processes that are protected by an extensive global patent portfolio. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Valence has facilities in Nevada, China and Northern Ireland. Valence is traded on the NASDAQ Capital Market under the ticker symbol VLNC. For more information, visit

About Siemens Drive Technologies Division

The Siemens Drive Technologies Division (Nuremberg, Germany) is the world’s leading supplier of products and services for production machinery and machine tools. Drive Technologies offers integrated technologies that cover the entire drive train with electrical and mechanical components. This includes standard products but also encompasses industry-specific control and drive solutions for metal forming, printing and electronic manufacturing as well as solutions for glass, wood, plastic, ceramic, textile and packaging equipment and crane systems. The services provided by the Division include mechatronics support in addition to online services for web-based fault management and preventive maintenance. With around 39,900 employees worldwide Siemens Drive Technologies achieved in fiscal year 2008 total sales of EUR8.9 billion. For more information visit