Coches eléctricos en Copenhague de la mano de Better Place

Durante la conferencia de cambio climático que se celebra estos días, el Ayuntamiento de Copenhague ha anunciado la firma de un acuerdo con Better Place, compañía especializada en servicios para vehículos eléctricos, para impulsar el uso de coches eléctricos de cara el objetivo de la capital danesa de estar libre de emisiones de CO2 en 2025.

Antes de la cumbre de diciembre se instalarán estaciones de recarga para coches eléctricos, y durante la conferencia habrá demostraciones por la ciudad de las ventajas de usar vehículos eléctricos, ha explicado el concejal de Medio Ambiente, Klaus Bondam. Bondam ha anunciado también que durante esos días se celebrará una cumbre paralela a la que acudirán representantes municipales de 100 ciudades de todo el mundo.

La electricidad procederá de los parques eólicos daneses. La empresa eléctrica danesa Dong Energy, uno de los mayores operadores de energía eólica de todo el mundo, proporcionará la electricidad eólica para los vehículos eléctricos.


Better Place, City of Copenhagen to Partner on COP15 EV Showcase

Blueprint for Accelerating Sustainable Mobility in Cities Worldwide

Better Place and the City of Copenhagen today signed an agreement to jointly develop a plan for how Copenhagen can accelerate the switch from carbon-based transportation systems to sustainable mobility models that rely on renewable energy powering zero-emission vehicles. The cooperation agreement calls for Better Place and the City of Copenhagen to work together in establishing the best conditions for the rapid deployment of electric car-charging infrastructure in the municipality of Copenhagen with the initial outcome resulting in a demonstration at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP15) in December.

“As host city of the World Business Summit and COP15, it’s critical that we demonstrate our conviction and present a pathway for other cities to follow that puts environmental leadership at the heart of public policy,” said Klaus Bondam, Copenhagen Mayor for the Technical and Environmental Administration. “Our vision is for Copenhagen to be the world’s first carbon neutral capital by 2025. To realize that vision, we need private companies on board. The partnership agreement with Better Place is the first of its kind in the area of transportation.”

“Better Place is committed to making Denmark a global leader for adopting a model for sustainable mobility,” said Shai Agassi, Founder and CEO. “We welcome the opportunity to partner with the City to jointly develop a blueprint for cities around the world to replicate as we seek solutions to global climate change.”

Under the accord, Better Place and the City of Copenhagen have agreed to establish a co-operation team, which will initially focus on designing and implementing an electric vehicle (EV) pilot project in Copenhagen for demonstration at COP15. As part of the agreement, the City of Copenhagen will expedite the permitting process so that it will be possible for private operators to install a large number of charge spots throughout the City. The City also will designate an equal number of public parking spots for EV parking and will allow free parking for EVs on these spots during COP15.

Better Place and the City of Copenhagen also agree to discuss a model for the accelerated deployment of electric car-charging infrastructure in Copenhagen, which can serve as the blueprint for other Danish municipalities as well as cities around the world to follow. The model may include the following items:

• network mapping for charge spots and battery switch stations to optimize the value of the network to the driver without impacting the environment;
• new methods of planning and permitting for new construction and redevelopment of public buildings, public parking lots and other public places that incorporate EV infrastructure design;
• analysis of the regulatory environment for handling the entire process for design and construction of EV infrastructure;
• coordinated dialogue with petrol stations and other third parties in order to map potential suitable locations for battery switch stations; and
• a series of public service announcements and other educational material so that consumers understand the benefits of sustainable mobility models.

“We’re excited that the City of Copenhagen will be one of the first cities in Denmark for our network deployment,” said Jens Moberg, CEO, Better Place Denmark. “Working with our partners DONG Energy and The Renault-Nissan Alliance, we’re on target to enable consumer adoption of zero emission vehicles in Denmark in 2011, which will help the City to achieve its goal of being carbon neutral by 2025”.

About Better Place:

Better Place, the leading electric vehicle services provider, is accelerating the global transition to sustainable transportation. Better Place is building the infrastructure and intelligent network to deliver a range of services to drivers, enable widespread adoption of electric vehicles, and optimize energy use. The Better Place network addresses historical limitations to adoption by providing unlimited driving range in a convenient and accessible manner. The company works with all parts of the transportation ecosystem, including automakers, battery suppliers, energy companies, and the public sector, to create a compelling solution. Based in California and privately held, Better Place has operating companies in Israel, Denmark, and Australia.

Better Place Denmark Takes Important Step

As Denmark prepares for the U.N. Summit on Climate Change, Better Place Denmark took an important tangible step towards answering the country’s commitment to reduce its CO2 emissions by 21 percent by 2012. In conjunction with DONG Energy, Better Place Denmark closed approximately €103 million Euro (770 million Danish Kroner) in equity and convertible debt for the initial deployment of their electric car charging network in Denmark. The move sets the stage for Better Place and DONG Energy to execute as planned against their commitment to enable the widespread adoption of mass-market vehicles by 2011.

Better Place has also named Jens Moberg as Head of Better Place Europe, Middle East and Africa Business Development and Chief Executive Officer of Better Place Denmark. As CEO, Mr. Moberg will focus on establishing Denmark as our first operation in Europe and play a significant role in expanding Better Place to other European countries. He joins Better Place Denmark from Microsoft Corp., where he was responsible for developing and growing Microsoft’s multi-billion dollar enterprise business in Russia, India and China. Mr. Moberg is eager to continue Denmark’s progressive and innovative leadership and is uniquely positioned to do so, as the economics of a green industry – sustainable mobility – provide a compelling return for investors in congruence with creating jobs for industry and reducing greenhouse gas emissions for the health of the Danish people.

Better Place Announces Denmark Agreement

In March of 2008, DONG (Danish Oil & Natural Gas) Energy signed an agreement with Better Place, clearing the way for Denmark to move off of oil for transportation. Renault-Nissan’s electric cars will be among the first to be on Danish roads by the middle of the next decade.

Similar to Israel, Denmark’s size and gasoline taxes makes it an ideal early adopter for Better Place’s sustainable transportation infrastructure. It also has very progressive environmental policies, which have helped develop a sizable wind turbine industry that supplies 20% of the country’s energy. DONG Energy will be able to store the unstable excess output of its turbines into the electric recharge grid, allowing the zero-emission cars to have a reliable source of renewable power.