Volkswagen UP Eléctrico se comercializará en 2013

Actualmente el UP! se desarrolla en versiones gasolina y diesel, y se distribuirá a través de tres de las marcas del grupo, Volkswagen, Seat y Skoda, con versiones distintas para cada una a partir de 2011.

La fecha prevista para el lanzamiento del UP! eléctrico será en 2013, después que sus competidores en el segmento, como el E´vie, basado en un Citroën C1, o el Mitsubishi i-MiEV que se comercializará en 2011.


Electric Volkswagen up! minicar coming in 2013

Since all automakers are slowly migrating to electric cars, there should be no surprise that Volkswagen is preparing its very own electric model. But more importantly, the car is going to be based on the upcoming Volkswagen up! range and will be released sometime around 2013.

However, the up! is, in its turn, projected to be launched in 2011, which means the electric model is going to be launched two years after the base model and much later compared with Mitsubishi i-MiEV, often referred to as the main rival.

Details are obviously pretty sketchy at this point but, judging by the up! blue plug-in hybrid concept rolled out by Volkswagen in 2007, the car will rely on an electric engine connected to a lithium-ion battery. All-electric, the up! has an autonomy of 65 miles which should be enough for urban driving and particularly for day-by-day driving. The electric powerplant generated 60 horsepower (45 kW).

What’s interesting is that Volkswagen plans to introduce multiple fuel efficient up! versions, including a petrol-electric hybrid, an MPV plus a sporty cabrio. According to, Volkwagen plans to deliver around 500,000 units of the up!.

VW up! will be produced in the company’s Slovakian plant in Bratislava and will be launched with a price tag of 8,000 euros ($10,766).

Furthermore, the German brand intends to use dealership networks belonging to its European divisions to expand the coverage of the model so Skoda and SEAT are also expected to get rebadged versions of the up!. To refresh your memory, the car was officially showcased to the general public at the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show in Germany, with mass-production expected to start later this year or in early 2010.